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The Natural Disaster Of An Anxious Mind by Demons by My Side

demons by my side

636405269471894315-AP-APTOPIX-Hurricane-Irma photo credit unknown

Anyone who is plagued with anxiety of any form may be familiar with the difficulties of dealing with added stressors and the thoughts, feelings and emotions that intrude and hinder rational thinking.

I live in Florida in the path of Hurricane Irma. Her impending arrival was like a weight that sat on my shoulders, growing heavier each day.  As if someone were piling on the weight until I buckled.  Stressed beyond my ability to cope while trying to be prepared, I easily lost my thoughts and plans and had to stop, do nothing, and try to remember what it was I was about to do.

I wanted to escape, run, drive, or fly as fast as I could from my home to avoid the arrival of Irma.  She veered east so the pressure was off a little.  Against all the voices in my head we decide to…

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  1. Hurricanes are scary…I went through Harvey, it was my 1st…lots of rain but hardly any wind…I was also with friends and having friends makes life easier…I hope you had friends for your hurricane and didn’t suffer flood damage, etc…

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