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Do You Want To Make A Difference? by PsychSpot


Today I planned to finish the “Covfefe Disorder” trilogy (Parts I and II are here and here), but then I found myself in a conversation with someone on a matter that is extremely personal to them. They had managed to find a negative in a situation that was completely 100% positive. We spoke a little about this, and we discovered that their negativity wasn’t related to the specific positive situation, but rather the bigger, overall struggle they face. I suggested trying to find steps to make things better, but they felt like they had to change the whole world in order to be effective. Their final statement was “I can’t change it, so what’s the point in trying?”

Well, here’s my answer.

This is a common thread I am seeing right now. Hopelessness is strong. We have mass shootings averaging more than one a day (source). In…

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