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In the name of humanity by Mind1Matters


What kind of world do I live in,

Where being yourself is considered a sin,

Where social media is a place to vent,

Where bullies sit behind a screen,

And cause upset by the words they’ve sent.

Where getting likes is a game,

And being social centres around fame.

Where religion becomes an excuse to hate

In a world where God would not discriminate.

Where world leaders resort to Twitter

To write words too bitter.

Where people continue to divide,

Whilst things that matter are pushed aside.

In a world that talks about morals,

Yet even the mention of healthcare initiates quarrels.

In a world tainted with hate,

Sometimes you just need a mate.

Life’s too short,

So we really need to give it some thought.

Is it really worth all of this hate

When it’s ruining our world’s state?

So, in the name of humanity,

Let’s behave with some…

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  1. Too true. We need to disconnect and enjoy human-to-human contact. My pet peeve is the selfies. How many pictures of yourself do you need? How many do you need to post?

  2. I wonder this often. In only half my lifetime (I’m only in my thirties) the world has changed beyond recognition. This circumstance only fortifies my faith in a higher power, something not so whimsical and by far more dependable.

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