My fellow women, let’s stop competing.

Largest Temperature

I’m strongly convinced that one of the ugliest habits that women as a majority posess is the constant need for competition. If you’re a woman and you’re nothing like that, congratulations and please teach us your ways, but we can both agree that every rule has its exception, which doesn’t mean that my statement isn’t true.

One way to open this topic is to adress the trendy “joke” that has been going around quite a while, which is the famous “me vs your ex girlfriend” post. I have a very advanced humor and I wouldn’t say I get offended easily, even if I do find the post somewhat offending, I mostly choose to ignore it. However, as a feminist, I do dislike that joke. It contradicts with everything that women should be standing up for. It contradicts with equality, respect, love … To sum it up: it contradicts with feminism.

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