On Toxic People

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I’ve done more self-reflecting in the past year than I have the whole rest of my life. Probably the biggest realization I’ve come to is that I need to purge my life of toxic people. Far too often, I’ve found myself making excuses for them, breaking my back for them, and allowing myself to be controlled by them. Once I open up to someone, it’s hard for me to close the door. I’ve realized this is a problem for me, and I’ve decided that enough is enough: there will be no more for them.

Recently, I’ve closed a door on someone who has manipulated me for two and a half years. He is the definition of a narcissistic sociopath. He pretended to care, so I took him at his word and trusted him. He pulled the wool over my eyes. He was full of compliments, exciting ideas, smiles, and charisma. I…

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  1. I love this. I’ve helped and continue to try and help as many people I can. Emotionally, spiritually and financially. When my “brood” became big I felt that my energy was being drained. But here is what I realized. It wasn’t the size of my brood, it was those few people who were so steeped in negativity, deceit and shallow remorse, who were the cause of this. Then a dear friend also pointed that out. She said, don’t spread yourself so thin. Don’t waste your time on people who will not improve. Don’t waste your time with people who won’t appreciate you for who you are. Focus instead, on those who are worthy. You’re not God. You have limited resources. As painful as it is, I’ve taken that advise and closed myself off to such negative influences. I like this post. Thank you.

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