The Common Dandelion (BLW Contributor)



Considered a curse in the lawns, gardens and flower beds of many people, the bright little Dandelion preservers regardless of its circumstances. This hardy plant can be found growing in the cracks of sidewalks, in cow pastures, and in places where it is not wanted. So, what good is this persistent little plant?

It seems that the plant actually has many helpful and healthy attributes. The entire plant can be used for food and is good in salads, as greens, as dandelion flower fritters, made into dandelion wine, coffee and tea. It is known to promote digestion, aid in weight loss, helps prevent cancer, helps lower high blood pressure, aides in treating jaundice, and helps to cure acne. A list of those attributes can be found here.

That’s a lot for such a little, annoying weed which is really not a weed at all, but a flower. And a…

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