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We often face these situations in life. Situations which urge us to do something new, something different. A new year rolls in, and you plan on transforming yourselves. A new semester starts, and you promise to get better grades this time. You’re celebrating your birthday, and suddenly realize how many years have slipped by. You’ve not reached your potential yet. You can do better than this. And you vow to change.

But change isn’t easy. The older you grow, the more difficult it becomes. Here’s what my experiences have shown me. You don’t initiate change with willpower, you do it with action.

“If nothing around you changes, change the things that are around you.” Tyrese Gibson

Although I lash out against faith time and again, I will say this. Have faith in yourself. Believe in you. Your experiences show that you’ll fail? The odds indicate you’ll fail? Ignore them. They’re…

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