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10 Ways you can Design Better Interiors by Going Green (BLW Contributor)

Ravenor's Design Solutions

In honor of Earth day (22nd of April), I’m writing this post to spread awareness.. blah. No.

This is not the case here. I am trying to spread awareness, yes, but not just for Earth Day; it’s for the 365 days we have in a year on this Earth. This is the only planet we have, and if we don’t do our very best to coexist with it, it’ll give up on sustaining life and all hell will break loose.

For real, not kidding. #2012 #DayAfterTomorrow

I’ve put together ten ways a Green Design can help your creativity as a designer; how Green Design can be an inspiration, how it can make your process a lot more simple, and make you a responsible human + How a Green Design can make your clients thank you; since designing green is not only beneficial to the planet, but also gives to the…

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