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How to Save 100% on Everything – from a former Coupon Junkie

Rowland in Life

I am a member of CA: Coupon Anonymous.  For a while (actually for about two years), I was a an avid person who was obsessed with grocery coupons.  I would spend several dollars every Sunday to stop by my local grocery store to purchase the Sunday paper filled with ‘over $300 worth of coupons.’  I followed coupon websites, blogs, and message boards on where to get the best use of your coupons.  I would spend time pouring over sales papers and visiting several stores a week to purchase whatever item they were selling that week so I could get the best deals.
In the long run, using coupons was saving money, filling my pantry with items, and feeling I was feeding my family with a smaller amount of money.  When I looked at my pantry, we were not using some things.  I would purchase them so cheap, I thought I…

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