Not OK, Oklahoma (The Abortion Bill)

tiger's eye

SARA BUCHWALD (grade 11)

“OKLAHOMA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” was the text that popped up on my phone along with a screenshot, the contents of which were indistinguishable from the home screen. As I unlocked my phone to see what had caused such a dramatic reaction, I was not prepared for what I was faced with. The screenshot was of a BBC article and in a boldfaced black font the words, “A proposal which would force women to get permission from their sexual partner to allow them to have an abortion has passed the first hurdle in Oklahoma” jumped onto my screen. Any humor I had seen in such a seemingly over-the-top text vanished as I saw the severity of the single sentence.

According to Humphrey, the state legislator who wrote the bill, the fathers of these fetuses deserve a say in the decision of a body that…

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  1. I’m shocked and saddened that such a particularly dimwitted law would even grace the minds let alone be passed. Yes both party’s should have a say if such abortion would take place but bottom line the women carrying should have the final say in what actions are going to transpire. Also I am aware I may take some back lash for this comment but I am very ok with it. It’s not the 1930s anymore no one should have to ask permission to do anything to there body’s at all.

  2. It’s not just doing something to YOUR body, it’s killing another one. If you don’t want a baby, don’t have sex. If you wanna have sex anyway but still don’t want a baby, use a condom, birth control, contraceptive, etc. If you don’t want to use any of those, then it’s your fault if you get pregnant, so deal with it. Suck it up and be a mom! If any of the protective actions fail and you don’t wanna have a baby with a loser? Then why are you sleeping with losers?

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