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First daughter Ivanka Trump gets West Wing office, security clearance – What are your Thoughts?

Ivanka Trump officially has an office in the White House as of March 20. Though she doesn’t have a government title, Ivanka will have full security clearance, and many more perks that will help her serve as an aide to her father, Donald Trump.

via Ivanka Trump Getting White House Office: No Staff Title But Can Access Classified Info — Hollywood Life



  1. On the one hand, that’s his daughter and most trusted advisor/right-hand man. On the other, having access to classified info should only be disclosed to the necessary parties.perhaps he should give her a title.

  2. It could be an improvement. I can’t reconcile trump’s tweets with his legislation, or for that matter, reality. I really question whether he has actually read the health act or just assumed that people were doing what he told them to do. Ivanka by all accounts is intelligent, energetic and diligent. If she can educate her father and get him on the same page as the rest of the world, that would be a major advance. Better yet, let her run the office and he can go play golf.

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