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Donald Trump Wiretaps America: A Philosophical Question & Stephen Hawking fears Trump

Stephen Hawking: ‘I fear that I may not be welcome’ in Trump’s America | The Washington Post

“Stephen Hawking says he no longer feels welcome in the United States, now that President Trump is in power. The renowned scientist and theoretical physicist spoke Monday on ITV’s…” ~ Lindsey Bever

Armchair Midrash

Donald Trump

Is something news just because it is mentioned (or tweeted) by the President? As a general rule, the answer is “yes”. What the President does, what the President says is news because he is the President.

The White House takes great pains to set the news cycle by controlling the president’s message and by managing what is said and when it is said. That task has proven more difficult during the Trump administration due to the President’s penchant for tweeting, but the same principles apply. In fact, perhaps due in part to said tweets this administration has demonstrated particular expertise in controlling the media.

President Trump has even taken to declaring what is and what is not “news”.

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One comment

  1. I think people are reacting emotionally and not rationally. No one has ever told Stephen Hawking from the administration that he’s not welcome in the country to my knowledge. Funny that no one cared when conservative citizens were being targeted by the IRS or a man was tossed in prison for the government’s coverup of the Benghazi terrorist attack. It’s starting to go beyond believable. I’m beginning to understand how the NAZIs took over the Weimar Republic.

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