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5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Iceland

The Love Bungalow

It’s been eight days since I returned to my bungalow from the beautiful goodness of Iceland. It’s been my dream to go to Iceland way before it was cool-it was actually a quiz question on a “How well do you know Lindsay?” game at my 14th birthday as my #1 travel destination. I ended up going a few more places before making it to the land of fire and ice, but the timing ended up being pretty perfect (we have Instagram now!) My mom (remember her from her awesome guest post?) and I have this awesome tradition where we go on a fabulous trip every couple of years. Iceland marked four years since our last trip to Ireland and Scotland and now I can’t imagine waiting FOUR MORE WHOLE YEARS before another trip together because we always have the best time and laugh and laugh and explore everything.


Iceland is…

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  1. An admission. Many years ago the British and the government of Iceland fell out (several times) over territorial boundaries. Basically, disputes over fishing. I was a Radio Officer working for British (merchant) tug company (United Towing) and we were sent to help protect the British trawlers from Icelandic gunboats. It was all known as the ‘Cod War’. So, I went round and round Iceland but never landed (we were, of course, far from welcome then). But, from afar, I used to look at Iceland and longed to visit. I’m now retired but would love to visit Iceland and hope that the people of Iceland have forgiven us. Looking back, the people of Iceland were absolutely right to try and protect dwindling fish stocks against massive overfishing by the Brits, the Germans and especially the Russians. The Cod Wars really pre-date the rise of the environmental groups but the Icelandic people bravely fought us all off – and won.

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