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America’ s love affair with celebrities-Why? (BLW Contributor)



I’m just curious—what is with the love affair America has with celebrities?

Celebrities are just people doing a job, which happens to be entertainment. They entertain us. They make us laugh. They make us cry. They make us feel. All by pretending to be something they aren’t or someone they aren’t.  Or by singing a song.

They are in front of us. Constantly. Very seldom—probably never—do I see a news program without a story about a celebrity. We see their faces on clothes, bags, magazines, social media, everywhere. We hear about them in conversations and hold conversations about them. And we don’t even know them. It seems that our lives are consumed by unreal characters played by people we don’t even know.

We hear about the personal lives of these celebrities continually. Who is flirting with whom? Who is dating whom? Who is getting a divorce and why? Who gets…

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  1. It’s not just America! British tabloids are way worse than American tabloids, for example. When people see them on screen, and read interviews or articles about them it creates a sense of friendship for the fan with someone they admire. The commodity of celebrity needs fan worship (for lack of a better word) to remain a money making industry!!! The thing that always floors me is celebrities who complain what their life becomes after becoming famous when they are not ignorant to how celebrities are treated before going into the business!!!

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