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The Age of Heads Down

Annie's Thoughts

In today’s society, it has been found that one in ten children are receiving their first cell phone by the age of 5. When a child is 5, they are only in kindergarten! However, the majority of children receive a cell phone by the age of 10. That is only grade 4 or 5, depending on when theirgrade-who-own-cell-phone birthday is. I find this to be unbelievable. I understand that parent’s want to be able to keep track of their children and be able to communicate with them at all times, but that’s only because parents these days are becoming helicopter parents. I didn’t receive my first cell phone until grade 8 graduation, even though most of my friends had cell phones by then. Parents appear to have a difficult time allowing their children to run free and saying no to their children’s whining.

This could be seen as Foucault’s moral…

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