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Trump to ask for border Wall Money – but only a little – Your Thoughts?

he Trump administration is planning to ask for a relatively small amount of money to start building the President’s long-promised border wall this year — far short of estimates of what the wall might cost, according to preliminary numbers shared with CNN. Despite President Donald Trump’s repeated calls to begin immediately building a substantive wall […]

via Trump to ask for border wall money — but only a little — WPMT FOX43



  1. Ask anyone in the security industry and they will tell you that walls, like the wall Mr Trump is proposing, just don’t work. So, a great deal of money will be spent building and, importantly, maintaining something that, it could be argued, is a waste of time and money. It could also be argued that the billions of $$$ that will be spend building and maintaining the wall could be used to tackle the problem at source. That is, make things better in the countries people are fleeing from. Another story: I once worked on ships where we had to buy coca cola once a week from a small shop on the ship. I would buy a crate of coke every week and drink it. I then went to work on a ship where the coke was free. I hardly ever drank the free coca cola. If people can come and go at will, they will do. Borders are not good things.

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