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Tips For Flawless Skin (BLW Contributor)

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As I have said before I honestly think that if you take care of your skin you could get away without wearing makeup. So I’m going to tell you some tips and tricks as to how to keep your skin soft, smooth and youthful.

Disclaimer- I AM NOT a dermatologist so if your face falls off (but it probably won’t) don’t sue me please.

1- Remove makeup- This is probably one of the most basic skincare laws but I must say it. Take off your make up. If you don’t it clogs up your pores and leads to spots and dry skin also Fun Fact- Your skin ages 2 whole days every time you don’t remove your makeup.

2- Sleep- As a rather average teen I don’t sleep until roughly maybe 1:30 am so that’s probably not that great for your skin and that makes me a massive hypocrite. But you…

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