Reflecting upon the election, because, now I care. Kind of.


Words That Rhyme and Keep with the Time... or Don't

There isn’t anything that I hate more than politics. Am I blue? Am I red? Do I really care? But I still find myself asking questions and looking back on the last election. No doubt, someone is going to get offended by this.

At first, I just saw the election as just another election. Some dude was going to become president and I wasn’t going to care. I didn’t really mind Obama. I mean, I didn’t love the guy, but I thought his wife was amazing. Secretly, I wish she ran. If there ever would be a wonderful first woman president, it would be her. (I love you Michelle)

But then people started announcing that they were running. Hillary announced and I just kind of ignored her and didn’t take her seriously. I mean, her smile was freakin weird. Some of the things she did were just odd and unnatural.


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One comment on “Reflecting upon the election, because, now I care. Kind of.

  1. I honestly think the problem with U.S. politics specifically is that though you can run as an independent or as a candidate for some unknown party, it is mainly a two party system. That’s such an issue. If you look at Hillary and Bernie, they’re for the same party, but some of their ideas do not coincide whatsoever. Since I live in Canada, I knew that if those two were Canadian, they’d probably run for two different parties. Hillary would be a Liberal (a more central group), whereas bernie would definitely be NDP (a more left wing, socialist, but not too socialist, party). Anyway, my point is: the two party system is beyond flawed.

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