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The Pressures to Conform (BLW Contributor)

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Just a quick note, my blog is primarily based on personal views and experience, sometimes referring to research and some background information, with the aim of helping anyone who may be suffering, or know of anyone suffering from a mental health illness. I haven’t written in a while, so let’s see how this goes. I would welcome any advice and feedback on my blogs, or your personal thoughts on the topic.
Why are we always searching for others acceptance? To fit in with the ‘crowd’? To keep up with the latest trends, fashions, technology updates, etc.?

Fact is, the majority of us (whether we like to admit it or not), are always searching for others to accept us, and to ‘fit in’ with everyone else. This happens constantly, from the way we dress; the way we talk, walk, and interact with each other; right through to editing and moulding the…

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