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I am: We are what we experience (BLW Contributor)

just drinking cheap pinot and chasing a toddler.

Currently en route to a work meeting in London, I am on the train admiring the frosty scenery.

Blankets of glistening white cover fields and – despite falling flat on my face on the train platform this morning – I am appreciative of the beautiful world in which we live. Though I admit, this is debatable in this Trump / Tory ruled world.

Anyway, it has me thinking about the nature v nurture philosophy. And about how I truly believe we are a product of everything we see, hear and do in life. The people we surround ourselves with, the people who have brought us up, the conversations we have, what we study, our jobs, our colleagues, EVERYTHING.

So I decided to write a poem about it:

I am the familiar faces I see from day to day,

I am my loved ones; my family and friends.. and those I’ve…

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