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Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Vetting Terrorism (BLW Contributor)

Once Written

On Friday, Trump signed his last executive order for the week addressing foreign immigration called “PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES”  It is an extreme “vetting directive” aimed to curb radical Islamic terrorists from entering our country.

This executive order has pitted our long history of American belief in altruism against the very real fear of terrorism.

This was, by far, his most controversial executive orders, the last of five executive orders proclaimed by President Trump since his inauguration.  “We are establishing new vetting measures to keep Radical Islamic Terrorists out of the U.S. of America . . . we don’t want them here.”  Trump announced at a Friday news conference.

The liberal rag, PoliticusUSA was quick to call Trump’s executive order unconstitutional and “an attempt to codify prejudice and hate that goes against the values of our democracy which are protected…

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