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Star Wars Comic Review (BLW Contributor)

Star Wars

Title Star Wars #27

Story by Jason Aaron

Art by Salvador Larroca, Edgar Delgado

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release Date: 1/25/17

Coming off of the last issue we knew that this next book will revolve around Yoda solely. I for one was excited as this allowed for Yoda to go on an exciting solo journey seldom seen. I was glad that my trust in this saga seems to be warranted for the moment. I had to review this as Star Wars VIII announced the title of The Last Jedi raising the hype level.

In the latest saga in the Star Wars comics, Obi-Wan details a flashback of Yoda is drawn to a signal in a far off planet inhabited mostly by children. These children gain their life source from the mountains giving off a force like quality. Yoda first encounters the Muckwhackers a group of child warriors who details the events that happened upon the planet. The world was at peace living off the planet until warring factions got power hungry and claimed mountains destroying them in the process. The Muckwhackers were on the losing side and live in exile off the power of a single piece of the mountain hunted by the Rockhawkers, more child warriors. Yoda goes off to investigate the stones and try to broker a truce. However, things quickly go bad for him as he is captured and told to go into the mountains alone. 

There was only an outline of a story here as Aaron pulls us in without going into depth only offering slight hints leading the reader to fill in the blanks. This will be resolved as the next issue will most likely plunge into background information as Yoda makes his way up the mountain.  I would also like to see more about Obi-Wan in the next arc although a solo Yoda adventure seems to be good so far. 

The art was mostly good despite a few glitches here and there. The backdrop was gorgeous with the perfect combination of penciling and coloring by Larroca and Delgado especially in the mountains. There was much detail put into the supporting characters allowing the feel of a dystopian planet.  However, the cohesion between Larroca and Delgado stopped in the background as I personally thought Yoda could’ve been drawn better. Also, paneling was also quite standard despite good art within the borders. 

While this issue might have fallen short (get it Yoda) there is still promise that the next few issues will pick up both from the writing side and the art aspect. Yoda is in a vulnerable state and will have to do some soul searching in the next issue on his way to the Heart of the Mountain. 
Rating: 7.5/10


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