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Transforming Personal Trauma and Devastation into Drive and a Sheer Will to Succeed

Didi Oviatt

Something that most of my readers don’t know about me is that I struggled very severely to have children.  It was during my stubborn quest to make it through multiple miscarriages that I found my love for writing.  After my fifth miscarriage we were able to make my sixth pregnancy a success. I gave birth prematurely (after much bed-rest and struggle) to my son Cannon. He is perfect and we thank God every single day for the miracle we were given with his birth. He is now 4.

After having Cannon I suffered two more miscarriages before the delivery of my daughter Kimber. She is now a healthy little spite-fire two year old, and we absolutely adore everything about her. The entire journey was very lengthy, intense, as well as physically and emotionally painful in every way. I actually considered writing a memoir in contribution to miscarriage awareness, as…

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