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It is our eldest son’s debut as the featured lead conductor of the famed symphonic orchestra’s Christmas concert that started at 6:00 pm. It was now 6:19 pm as I waited for my wife, Geneva

For 41-years of our marriage, I have accepted knowingly she will always be late, except when our two children were born one and two weeks early.

As she rushed into the building huffing and puffing with several grandchildren in tow, trying to keep up with her.

I began to reminisce about everything I love about Geneva as she ran towards me. I saw every reason why I love her, and I will always overlook her ability to be late even for her first borns concert conducting debut.

As she approached, out of breath, I kissed her passionately. She looked stunned as did the grandchildren. She began to apologize, and when she finished, I told my…

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