Rejection: The inescapable fate (BLW Contributor)


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My mother always warned that I would not have everything I want in life. Love would hurt, jobs would overlook my qualifications and friends are not necessarily permanent fixtures. This painful truth made regular appearances as often as the next day. However, my mother warnings helped me build a shield of protection from hurt feelings.


Rejection was a part of life and, essentially, inescapable. There is no on and off switch to soothe the pain of rejection. When we consider the act of creating expectations, the sting of rejection can last even longer because of unfulfilled visions.  However, it’s a detrimental process we must consider to even progress through life.

I recently viewed a video where motivational speaker Simon Sinek discussed work issues with millennials. According to Sinek, there is a disconnect that exist between older individuals and millennials. Sinek stated that we, millennials, tend to expect life to…

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One comment on “Rejection: The inescapable fate (BLW Contributor)

  1. MultidimensionalHE says:

    I disagree. My mother wasn’t supportive, in fact, I was often told I was dumb and was expected to fail. I was also falsely accused, consistently. Anything I earned, I had to work for all I knew was hard work, and pushing myself even when I didn’t feel like it. Yea, sure hard work gets you some where until you take a stand and become your own person. After that, you treated as an outcast, lied on, etc. While others watch you suffer. I’m 27.

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