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Dream On (BLW Contributor)


I am a dreamer.  I dream about a lot of things.  And I have had some important dreams fulfilled. But not I’m not just a dreamer.  I believe that dreams come true when we work  hard, live right, and speak positively.  I may not always live right, but I try!  And most of the times when I mess up it mostly has to do with my mouth and my attitudes.  I believe we have to put legs on our dreams.

So many times we kill our dreams with our mouths.  Instead of speaking positively about what we want to happen, we speak negatively.  “That will never happen!”  or “I can’t do that!”  We have to see what we want to happen and speak what we want to happen.  Now I’m not saying that just because we speak it, it will happen.  Not at all!  We have to work at it.  And…

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