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"They don’t know how good they have it," (BLW Contributor)

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of adulting and anarchy

  I stood in line anxiously awaiting my Mini Shredded Chicken Quesadilla.  I could see the Taco Bell employee from where I stood – lost in the world of her iPhone.  I sighed and took in the situation around me.  A little girl bounced behind me, begging her mother to buy her more of the crunchy cinnamon fry things (no idea what they’re called but they were a highlight of my childhood).

It wasn’t until I heard, “they don’t know how good they have it,” that I noticed the conversation of two men to my right.  One was a veteran.  One was an emergency responder from New York City.  Here they stood, in the same Taco Bell as I, waiting on the same employee to cook their food (it’s worth noting that my total wait time was 22 minutes.  Just sayin’.)

“These kids today.  They complain when they can’t speak…

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