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Equal Opportunity in the home? (BLW Contributor)



When men and women both work outside the home to equally earn an income, should they equally share the household work and tend the children?

Growing up in the south at a time when there were definite ‘woman’ jobs and ‘man’ jobs, I saw my mother as a stay-at-home mom handle all the responsibilities of feeding the family, keeping the house which included laundry, mending and making much of our clothes, and often while working alongside Dad and us kids in the fields. When the family arrived home from working in the fields she had the meal prepared or quickly prepared it, and after we ate she cleaned the kitchen (with help from us kids) while Dad rested. I watched as she worked until bedtime and rose the next morning to cook a big breakfast for the family and spend another day working in the garden, preserving hundreds of jars…

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  1. Strong honest memories…

    i have similar memories, time do change, now it take tw0 working couple, just to put food on the table and cloths on their backs.. So in answering equality, when a couple of today’s world jump in with both feet..


  2. Times change, and as you age, needs and physical abilities change as well. You need to be able to adapt to change, whatever happens. It won’t always be fair or fun. I vote for equal sharing, with the understanding that it may not always be possible to do that.

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