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Thankfulness Week (BLW Contributor)


Hello ol' friends, it's been awhileHard to believe 

That once again it has comeAnother snow fall, this winter's first Yes, again it did appearSo gentle and so pure It covered Fall's browned leaves With tiny petite white fluff.
Our favorite magical time of year,Yes, it would have been more dearIf the ones who knew me bestCould have stood along beside meThough in my heart and mindThey forever will be near.

Ahh yes, the Holiday’s are once again upon us.

How many times have we read the words?

Through our lives, so many people, friends and family

have joined us in our traditional celebrations.

And the years go by….

You wake up one day, with only beautiful memories

of those that have now passed.

How do you handle it?

Well you know what I am going to say,


As for me, I raise…

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  1. …but farmers hate you sitting on a gate like this, putting stress on the cross members. If you have to climb a gate, cross as near to the hinge end as possible. Have a nice day

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