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Declutter Topic: Habits (BLW Contributor)

The Viking Maiden


Declutter Principle #2: Decluttering both our space and time creates a more balanced life.

Declutter your habits! It’s a strange concept. But if we declutter our possessions to create space for more meaningful, productive, and efficient lives, just think what stewarding our time could accomplish.

As a child, I really lived this principle. There was no social media sucking my brain into a flickering screen until a shell of my former self droned on in icanhascheezburger speak with glazed eyes. (So that hasn’t actually happened yet, but I feel there’s a definite risk.) I lived in the moment and made the most of my time by:

  • Playing outside with friends
  • Building forts in the woods
  • Racing on bikes
  • Playing tag at the park
  • Re-enacting favorite TV shows or movies with friends
  • Reading under a big tree
  • Writing poems or stories
  • Drawing illustrations or comics
  • Making up dance routines to favorite…

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