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I know we’re one, just me and you (BLW Contributor)

The Self-Actualized Life

What is love? ~ Haddaway

I’ve been reading the newest Cassandra Clare Shadowhunters novel and I came across a line surprisingly profound for a fantasy book. One of the characters says, “If there is one thing I have learned in my life, and I grant I have not learned much, it is this: Neither Fair Folk nor mortals know what love is or is not. No one does.” As much as we think we know about love or relationships, there is so much we do not know. Every day I strive to have a better marriage and to understand the hubbs better. Just because we’ve been together a decade and a half doesn’t mean anything. The second you stop working on your relationship is the moment that relationship stops working for you.

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I mentioned we had a family tragedy recently (We’re not broken just bent And we can learn…

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