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How many times? (BLW Contributor)


​How many times have you pretended to be strong when you were so fragile and weak

How many times were you called moron or a freak

How many times has life shut you to your knees

How many times were you left alone when you needed someone to put you at ease

How many times you were chased with your own fears

How many times you have cried but hided your tears

How many times darkness took over your whole life

How many times all you saw were struggles and a road of strife

How many times you cried yourself to sleep

How many times life filled you up with burdens to keep

How many times you were called ugly and unaware of the term beauty

How many times the road you chose was a hell of a duty

How many times you were called skinny or fat

How many…

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  1. A post that made me stop and think for a variety of reasons. A lot of my life is the truthful answer to that question. As I was neither beautiful or talented or good at winning on the sports field my life was peppered with doubts, feelings of inadequacy and fear of failure. I hid the terror I felt when introduced to new people. Oddly it was through my children I discovered my strengths and for that I am constantly thankful. So though your touching prose brought tears to my eyes I also as reminded of how far I have come and how much I have to be thankful for.

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