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Thankful for Fatherhood (BLW Contributor)

Joker to King


In my 20+ years of teaching, this semester has been the most difficult semester I’ve ever had. I said yes to too many things this semester, and it all started to take a heavy toll on me.

But in the midst of all the stress, late nights, early mornings, and difficult people, I know that there is a half-world of people who wish they had my problems to deal with.

So my own problem of having too much to do suddenly seems insignificant.

I’ve always been a compassionate person with a lot of gratitude for having lived a blessed life. I believe in the importance of cultivating gratitude. But becoming a father years ago has added new degreees of gratitude on top of what I already felt.

I am thankful that, because of fatherhood, I have the ability to practice on a daily basis the three pillars of manhood (to protect…

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