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Setting Goals for Success (BLW Contributor)


Setting goals for yourself is an absolute must! If you want to truly change something about your life, and make a difference for the better, you’re going to have to set some goals!

A lot of people come up short, as a result of poor goal setting, while trying to better themselves

Think of all the New Year’s resolutions that you told everyone you were going to make happen. I bet a lot of those resolutions were forgotten, until the next year. If you were to actually plan out those resolutions, and set clear goals, you would have resolved whatever it was you decided you needed to make happen.

In order to achieve our potential and realize our goals, we have to plan. Greatness is not achieved by wishful thinking, it takes organized thoughts, and actions.

The first thing you need to do is, DREAM BIG! Set the bar as high as you…

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