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The Eagle Approach (BLW Contributor)


img_1176‘Eagle all the way’

We all have dreams. And we’ve all heard the saying, ‘Dream Big’ and that’s exactly what we do.

We dream to be billionaires. We dream to be stars. We aim high. We put every bit of our imagination in building the perfect dream. The perfect goal. 

And then, we work towards it. We put our heart and soul into the long journey that leads us to our goal. We plan everything out till the last detail. We know exactly how it’s going to go. We’re all set.

And then you make the same realisation, that countless others have made before you.

It never goes the way you thought it would.

You realise then, that you can never decide the path to your goal. The goal is ultimately in your hands, but never the path. The path ahead lies in the decisions you make during the journey…

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  1. Most people plan a journey in their head and never start on the trip. The slogan a friend involved in Action Coach uses is: “Positive thought without positive action gives you positively nothing.” That said, the sequence of events may not mirror what you envision — and what you actually achieve may change radically — but may be just as satisfying. If you succeed, and there is no guarantees in life, the trick is to remember the teachings of Andrew Carnegie and to remember and give back to the people and environment that helped you along the way. No one succeeds without help from others. No one.

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