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Rogue One, Passengers And Assassin’s Creed Will Vie For December Box Office Glory

Deviant Theory

December is going to see some exciting new films hit the theater. It’ll be interesting to watch how they all fare. The obvious success story we can probably bet on is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Pre-release tracking already has the film opening at more than $130 million dollars, according to folks at Variety. Passengers and Assassin’s Creed are less likely to match Disney’s Star Wars, but they are sure to have dedicated fans. Jennifer Lawrence is already an iconic actress with some memorable rolls, matched with the always hilarious Chris Pratt. Their turn in Passengers may prove critical and financial gold. Michael Fassbender has clout in his own right with a string of successful films. Based off the uneven quality of games, will fans of the original source material in Assassin’s Creed flock to the theaters in support? Is there even enough of a fan base or appeal to wider…

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