Whatever Wednesday – 500 words? (BLW Contributor)


Canary in the coalmine

The Angry Generation-Xer.          Copyright© T. Riggs 2016

If I had any alter-ego that fulfilled all the animosity of my psyche not being addressed by the bitchy 15 year old that forever resides in a quiet corner of my brain – it would be The Angry Generation-Xer. Juxtaposed, the two give balance to my anger. The 15 year old is the thinker, re-watching old movies, re-reading books, and providing a running commentary when she finds something particularly annoying or amusing. The Generation-Xer is the drill sergeant.

I remember in my early-twenties, first hearing the term “generation-x” and wondering, first; why the heck we needed to label it, I mean real 1980’s recession survivors took a seam-ripper to their Members Only jackets to remove the logo. Kids in the 80’s refused to be labels and walking advertisements. Anarchy was the way… we were too cool to have labels.

Secondly, I…

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One comment on “Whatever Wednesday – 500 words? (BLW Contributor)

  1. tcriggs says:

    Thanks guys! 🙂

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