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When No One Wants To Talk About It (BLW Contributor)

PinkLady2016 - Tomorrow

Everyone in my close knit circle knows that I’m sick. It’s nothing new, really. I have been referred to as the hypochondriac of the family for years. The thing is though, the Autoimmune Disease is genetic. It isn’t like I wanted to feel “off”. So all of those times, when I complained that I just didn’t feel good. I seriously did not feel good. My friends seemed to always be good to go, but I wasn’t because of some maladies. It was easy to grow frustrated with me over it all. And ohyes, I have felt it all…

  • Ear infections -had to have tubes.
  • Sore throat -tightening or burning
  • Headaches & Migraines (before Imitrex was a pill I would either go to the ER for a shot or I had a dose in shot form that someone else had to give me -kinda like the EpiPen for Migraines. The pill…

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