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What If Love Was Spiritual? (BLW Contributor)

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City Gal Ramblings

I’m not here to dump warm piss into anyone’s Cheerios (I actually had to look up the proper spelling for this damn cereal..but don’t judge me because it’s 5:11am right now)..let’s take a second and come to the realization of this: Everyone desires to be loved by another person, if not persons. Everyone deserves and wants to be loved. If you don’t..some may be wrong! But on some real shit…could you imagine living in an honestly judge-free world?

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  1. Yes, I could. Looking at people for their strengths and gifts is much better than condemning them. However, there are people out there who negate their good by hate, racism, sexism, nastiness, and general unpleasantness. Even if you try to break through you are labeled all kinds of bad things. I have a short lifespan ahead and I’ll deal with people who have a positive outlook.

    1. I totally agree with you. Using not only your time but energy as well to tear someone down serves no true purpose other than for their own self-gratification. I rather someone be happy in love than despressed and suicidal any day! We are not here, in my opinion, to direct someone’s life but rather learn from them or not interact with them at all. You always have that choice.

      Thanks for commenting!

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