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I Miss My Friends (BLW Contributor)

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Dee Rambles

Lately I haven’t been the greatest friend. No, I haven’t betrayed anyone, but I did what all of us girls promise ourselves we will never do at the beginning of a new relationship: I gave my new boyfriend dibs on all my free time.

I’m not at all proud of it. In fact, I feel really, really bad. I had been single for a year and a half, so my free time was open for my three best friends. The complicated thing about that is that all of my BFFships are long-distance. My best friend since childhood still lives in our hometown 10 hours away, a bestie I spent every weekend with my junior year of college is now living out of state also, and my sidekick from senior year and best roommate ever is living in another country. So for a year and a half, I have been devoting a…

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  1. Hi Dee, I like your post. I tend to do this and when I hang out with my friends I’m constantly checking my phone to see if my girlfriend has posted something or left me a comment. A lot of times, I fail to listen completely bc I always need to check my WP for reading. I can only hope it’s been my girlfriend I’ve been talking too.

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