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Do you ever look at an unfamiliar road and wonder where it leads? Have you ever taken off down that road just to find out?

Today I did. And not for the first time. My dad had an adventurous heart. He’d say, “I wonder where that road goes?” and he’d turn the steering wheel in that direction. He was a curious man, and I take that trait after him.  I want to know things. I want to know who lives there, what they do in their spare time, and what they talk about. Is that being nosey? I don’t think I’m nosey, I’m just curious. When I meet a new person, I want to know about them. Not just something about the person, but I want to truly know him or her. When I meet you for the first time, I want to know how you think, what you believe…

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  1. In high school a of mine teacher asked the students to imagine a road and then describe it as much as possible to themselves, on paper. Everything you describe is supposed to represent your beliefs about the journey of life. Mine was big enough for two to walk side by side and went into a really dark forest. Like the Black Forest or similar.

  2. Curiosity is a good thing and I wish I could say that I am the type to turn into an unfamiliar road. I am way too careful and by the book it’s quite annoying. I want to be more like my significant other whose curiosity oozes out of his pores like sweat. Maybe he will infect me with the curiosity virus before I am seventy! Nice post.

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