One Wo(man) Army (BLW Contributor)


Dear Wo(man),

Recently, I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching as a way of [healing] and I’ve definitely sat with a few of my truths and had a real in depth conversation. Those conversations were intense, non-judged, and raw; mostly silently in my head; sometimes out loud with my husband or the empty spaces and muted furniture that quietly sit in my home. In this process, I’ve learned a lot. A lot about myself, about my pain, about my struggles, and the struggles of those around me. But my greatest lesson came during one of my most broken moments and that’s when I felt God’s love comfort me.

It was then that I realized that all that I’ve endured was not a “Just Because’, but for a CAUSE! Now, I can see that I’ve been spared so that I can help spare someone else. It’s in that moment that the guilt…

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