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No Greater Love (BLW Contributor)

A Patient Nurse

Another Friday night in your local emergency department and it looks like it’s going to be a doozy! The waiting room is packed, a third of our rooms are occupied by “boarders” and the trauma bay is already hopping. I’ve drawn the short straw – Charge Nurse – so I get to be the leader of this three ring circus.

I make my first rounds and realize tonight holds a lot of pluses. First, I’m surrounded by an A-team of staff. Our three senior nurses possess 90 years of experience between them, most of the staff are trauma trained and talented Emergency Medicine physicians are at the helm. Second, my nursing shift supervisor is one of the best. She’s a straightforward ally that gets the things out of my control, under control. She’s got my back! Third, bed assignments are getting made. This enables me to get my sickest patients…

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