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Amy Schumer Fans Leave Show After She Blasts Trump – Would you leave? Was she in the wrong?

Amy Schumer — Booed by Donald Trump Fans at Tampa Show

Amy disses TRUMP, brings supporter on stage, gets booed and Fans leave.

 Would you leave? Was she in the wrong? Were the fans wrong for leaving?



  1. I don’t like Amy. I don’t like Trump. Would I get up and leave? Probably not. Although I came very close once when a comedian started being “funny” about cancer. But that’s different.

  2. Most likely if I paid to see her, I would know that’s her “style” and that he will go after anyone if she wishes to. I somewhat wonder what people were expecting of her act since Schumer has never been a stranger to situations like this and the whole election this year is ripe with comedic fodder.

  3. These days, any entertainer who expresses an opinion is going to get some flak. Remember what happened when the Dixie Chicks knocked (justifiably) Bush Jr. over the Iraq war? I’m not crazy about Schumer, but I respect her for her willingness to take a stand. Most entertainers, except for the uber rich are afraid to do so. If some in her audience didn’t like what she said, they have a right to forfeit their money and leave. However, I’m willing to bet that most of her audience didn’t leave, despite the headline. Whether or not news organizations these days are biased, they do like to over-dramatize events for ratings.

  4. was she wrong? Does she care? I would hope not. Anyone and everyone who is blasting Trump deserves a round of applause. Also, she is a comedienne. Trump, whether he wins or loses, has taken American society down into dangerous territory.

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