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Is Organic Food Worse For You? (Science is Awesome)



  1. It would take a thesis to pick this video apart. lol.

    My beef (pun intended) with this is the dependence upon meta-analysis studies to offer PROOF of something. Statistics, overall, show trends – not truths… and meta-analysis studies only work to show ‘where’ research should continue. It is not the ‘end all be all’ of research data. I could go into the details about the stringent requirements for comparing said, meta-data, and the fact that it assumes that all studies pooled are legitimate… ad nauseam.

    The small, short term, studies on kids and adults are the real data.

    Overall though… they are right that many ‘organic’ pesticides are just as toxic (and can kill you quicker) than synthetic ones… however, that means ‘wash before you eat’…

    And I do agree with them that a mix of methods will be best. There is a lot that science can offer to help organic farmers do things like get higher yields. And we are making a lot of progress in that arena…

    Thanks for posting this! πŸ™‚

  2. Great post!

    We discussed this in my teacher education, health education class. Some organic food is better, but there are some foods where it does not matter if you buy organic, they just make organic because people automatically think it’s healthier.

    The problem is when students are told to eat organic, but their families cannot afford organic. So because of that, we learned different alternatives we can introduce to children and learned what we really need organic.

    It seems like fruits and vegetables with things you have to peel off don’t have to be bought organic because you peel them when you eat them, so the pesticides and things don’t impact it for you.

    But, I’m no scientist, I’m an English major and Education major. Haha

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