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Why Do We Always Feel Guilty? (BLW Contributor)

A Momma's View

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Most of the time posts lead to more thoughts about the subject written about, in the person who wrote the post and also in some of the readers. Often comments left on posts take it just that little bit further and lead you to a question you would have not touched on otherwise.

After posting my article about SAHMs and working moms yesterday Serena, who is running an amazing blog called “Talking Of Incest” left one of those comments.

“You know sometimes I think all human beings are hardwired to experience guilt. We all find something to feel guilty about. Maybe there’s truth in the Adam and Eve story… maybe we are hardwired to feel guilty for the original sin. I mean, what evolutionary purpose does guilt have…..?????”

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  1. Guilt is self-perpetuating. The time one spends contemplating guilt could better be spent doing something productive, so that becomes something else about which to feel guilty! The old saying was, “idle hands make the devil’s work.” The idle mind does, too. If you set realistic goals and keep busy, there is no time for looking back. Now, if only I could do that!

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