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The Eden (BLW Contributor)

The Flying Duckling

In the Eden of today,

The hideous being hissed,

“Thou shall be empowered,

And be of the same wist.

Thou shall scale equal to him,

And be at shoulders, in every other mean”.

Upon being questioned,

The hideous being said,

“Thou shall have sex before you wed,

That will give you power

That will make you free,

That will give you the rein,

To carve your own destiny”.

Upon the grand reception,

The hideous being’s teaching got,

He started off with his panache,

with yet another plot.

“Thou shall bare all your clothes,

And be docile to those wistful calls,

That will give you power unspoken,

And will end up with your zeal woken,

Will raise your morale to the highest peak,

Thou shall, no more be weak”.

Thus the being spoke,

With his bold intellect,

But the masses,

Accepted all his recept.

Then he asked the children young,


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