What will your legacy be? (BLW Contributor)

Canary in the coalmine

I have been pondering what to write about this week and I am torn.


Admittedly, my heart is not in the subject of this blogsite. I desperately want to discuss philosophy (or the lack thereof) and the ideals that we hold so close that sometimes it blocks our view of the world. And those ideas aren’t limited to diet, though I am always surprised at how much they touch the researchers’ and doctors’ minds in the books and research papers I have read.

As with everything in life though, I am bound by the walls that I have built. And in this venue, I must contend with diet, health, the food we eat and/or are marketed and sold, as well as the run-ins with doctors, dieticians, and all the trappings of a genetic predisposition that serves as nothing more than a statistical norm for pharmaceutical companies to…

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