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The Telepathy Files – Part 1 Matt gets Special Power (BLW Contributor)

Unprecedented Cult

hqdefaultAll thestory lineand characters are fictional. Any resemblance is purely coincidental

It was a cold, windy morning in Boston and another usual day for Matt Douglas and Ron Sniper. Matt brewed the coffee and they both sat on the table for the breakfast with their usual talks.

“Good Morning, Matty” said Ron
“Morning” came an instant reply from Matt.
Ron: “What do we have for breakfast today?”
Matt: “Just the pancakes, toast and juice”
Ron: “We had those yesterday. Can’t you conjure up with something new every day?”
Matt: “I can, but then you’ll have to start cooking and be my wife”
And both of them chuckled and moved to a nearby café for the breakfast

Matt Douglas originally from Belmont, had already moved in some years ago with Ron as a professor in Clinical Investigation at Boston University. This was after his parents had died due to blast in…

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