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Even Trees Branch Out (BLW Contributor)

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PinkLady2016 - Tomorrow

I am easily mesmerized by trees. How strong they must be, yet so vulnerable. The seasons define them. Animals need them. People have burned, cut, climbed, decorated and planted them. They are homes and hide-outs, sustenance and ceremonial, leafy and prickly.

Basically everyone and thing needs them. (Oh to be so important…)

Grounded in a good way.

What’s my point? Well, I’ve noticed that the trunks of trees, regardless of age or thickness, allow branches! I attribute this to the ultimate metaphor of “Life”. Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect, is to change often.” So, find a favorite tree and look at it. Really look at it. …if we shadows do offend,…

Does it have the chinks in the bark, like a knight’s armor? Has it survived the winter or wind storm of the decade? Are the branches as round as the circumference…

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